We are an educational institution that provides applied learning skills

to impact society & change life trajectories.


Rising Steps started as a collaborative effort among frontline professionals to bring applied learning solutions to complex social issues. An overwhelming need for applicable resources became apparent for both frontline professionals and citizens alike. With a particular emphasis on recognizing behavior patterns for the prevention of human suffering.

Show Respect

To respect others, despite our differences. Knowing that every human is intrinsically valuable.

Speak the Truth

To speak truth & let it stand on it's own. Trusting that truth is sown in seeds that bear fruit in time.

Be Courageous

To take action, even when afraid. Knowing courage is a choice, not the absence of fear.

Follow Peace

To pursue peace, amid chaos or confusion. Recognizing that where we find peace, we must pursue it.

Take Action

To do for others. Knowing that omission creates significant damage, more than imaginable.


Through our collaborative effort we are affiliated with nonprofit organizations in various ways. We allocate a portion of our proceeds to give back to these charitable organizations. We also facilitate agreements for nonprofits to fundraise through the sale of our products, promoting stronger financial wellness for donation funded organizations. When we solicit donations for products, these products are allocated to be distributed through these non-profit organizations for the communities they serve. Here are our organizational affiliates that we fundraise and promote through this site:

Empower the Fight, Inc. - Is a Missouri based registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Empower the Fight is not a government-funded organization. Tax ID# 84-4150615